The Great Arch in Paris

The Great Arch which marks to-day the conclusion of the historic axes of Paris, is a monument and a building of 110 m x 110 m x 110 m. It consists of two tall buildings, each 36 stories, which at the base and the roof are united by three- storied bearing structures, formed as Vierendeel girders. This structural system constitutes a mega structure of pre- stressed high resisting concrete. All structures are carried by 12 gigantic foundation pillars.

Because of the great number of existing traffic lines such as highways, train and metro lines it was possible for the engineer to found the building only by turning it a little, about 6.5 related to the historic axes.

The Great Arch or The Open Cube, conceived by the Danish architect J. O. Spreckelsen and the Danish engineer Erik Reitzel, was awarded first prize at the international competition in Paris, March 1983. Inauguration 1989.